Spinning Wheels: A Woman's Ready Reckoner


A unique and innovative tool allowing a woman to unravel why she feels the way she does on any particular day.

*IMPORTANT: The Spinning Wheels are specific to the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Please ensure you choose the edition relevant to your location.

The Spinning Wheels is a wealth of information in one handy card that tells you the characteristics of each phase of each cycle - Earth season, life season, moon phases and menstrual cycle.

On any particular day you can be aware of all the energies that are effecting you and you are more likely to understand the way you feel. This information enables women to be familiar with the complex interplay of the cycles that influence their every moment.

Thirteen Moons and the Spinning Wheels can be used by women who are new to this process as well as those who are familiar with charting their cycle. Menopausal women, although they no longer menstruate, will see through the process of charting, how their moods and energy levels are linked directly with the moon's phases.

Using Thirteen Moons and the Spinning Wheels will help you understand and honor your menstrual cycle, one of the responsibilities and gifts of being a Woman.


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