Cyclical Wisdom Altar Cards


31 card set and A3 instructions in a calico bag.

*IMPORTANT: The Altar Cards are specific to the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Please ensure you choose the edition relevant to your location.

These altar cards are a shamanic tool to help remind us that in nature all things change.

The cards include the Earth’s seasons and sabbats, our life seasons, the lunar phases, and the menstrual cycle.

On the back of each card is a description of the energy, the spiritual practice, and the metaphoric gardening practice that can help you connect deeper with each part of the cycle.

The cards can be used individually, with their cycle, or all together, mapping the continuous cycles we live within.


  • Specific packs for Northern & Southern hemispheres
  • Cards: 130mm diameter, matt finish, 300gsm

See how the altar cards work!