Waking the Witches Comic Series - Book 1 - Ruby's First Blood - Book and Ebook


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Grand-mothered by Jane Hardwicke Collings (Founder of the School of Shamanic Womancraft) hand drawings by Freya Rose, written by Kari Hill - both graduates of the School of Shamanic Womancraft. This has been created with great thanks for the visions of Bella Tozer and her original story The Sleeping Witches.


Ruby is a regular 11-year-old, until she learns the power of her blood magick!

Journey with Ruby as she meets her spirit animal, Zasha, and wise woman, Hekate and learns the truth about her Menarche, her first blood and the mission to wake up the witches.

The Shadow lurks within all of us and we’re asleep with the ‘cloak of forget’.

What is this ‘cloak of forget’ and how will Ruby wake up the witches?

A magickal adventure exploring girls’ rites of passage. Be surprised, delighted and transformed!!